Links to download modded versions of Android x86 and PhoenixOS for ThinkPad 8 (TP8). Files are hosted on Mega, you may need to create a (free) account in order to download them as they are big (over 800MB).

- PhoenisOS 2.2.1 (old) - YouTube video
Download link

-- Android x86_64 7.1-rc2 - YouTube Video
Download link

- LineageOS 14.1 (most recent)
Download link

Bonus video: how to configure EasyUEFI/GRUB

PS: Android x86_64 8.1 wasn't released to the public.

DISCLAIMER: this free software is provided "as is" without any kind of warranty. Install and use it at your own risk. Although tests were realized to avoid problems, its use is entirely user's responsibility.