This keyboard layout allows the use of Portuguese accented characters in Mac OS X™. Actually, two layouts are included:

- Brazil: it's like the "U.S. - International" layout found in Microsoft® Windows™, that must be used with the U.S. keyboard (the one that does not have the Ç key). Nevertheless, the OPTION still can be used to generate the accented characters, like the North-American layout (U.S.).

- Brazilian: it must be used with the Portuguese keyboard (it has the Ç key).

To install it, just copy the file Brasileiro.bundle to the folder:

/Library/Keyboard Layouts

Then logout and login again. Open System Preferences , choose International and the Input Menu tab. Activate the proper layout ( Brazil or Brazilian ) that has a small round brazilian flag, and it will be available in the menu bar.

Menubar icon

PS:    1) The installation instructions suppose that the operational system is in English. If it's in Portuguese, please refer to the file LeiaMe.rtf.
        2) If you have used the 1.0 version before and the new version does not work correctly after the installation, please open System Preferences again and de-select than select the keyboard layout. This will force the new version to be loaded.

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later (*should* work on 10.3.x and Intel Macs)

DISCLAIMER: this free software is provided "as is" without any kind of warranty. Install and use it at your own risk. Although tests were realized to avoid problems, its use is entirely user's responsibility.

Version history

- 1.0:
  • initial version

- 1.5:
  • original layout renamed to Brazil
  • bug fixes
  • changes to make it easier to type in English and use apostrophe and quotation marks.
  • new layout added to be used with the Portuguese keyboard

To download the file (version 1.5) click here .

PS: the old pages from Geocites and lfom.br.tc are gone. You may link to this site (https://lfom.tk/br), but please never use a direct link to the file. Thank you.

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